Hectorina Mackay Maclennan

With March this year, 2023, came the seventieth anniversary of the death of Hectorina Mackay Maclennan, who occupies the only marked grave in existence for any of Christie’s six victims.

Relentlessly disparaged and misrepresented as having been a prostitute – she was not – by those to whom truth is evidently either inconvenient or simply unimportant.

She occupies the modest plot, with two other contemporary burials, at HD298 in Gunnersbury Cemetery, West London. Noted only as ‘aged 27 years’ as the precise date of death was unknown.

Nearby, but in unmarked graves, lie the remains of Rita Nelson and Kathleen Maloney who were Christie’s previous two victims earlier in 1953. 

May they, and all the other casualties in this dark story, rest in eternal peace.

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